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Monday, July 22, 2019
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For the Wine (Spirit, Beer...) Lover in Your Life

Sun Singer WIne and Spirits offers the convenience and variety of  fine wine, spirits and beer  paired with an abundance of handpicked gifts, wine and entertainment accessories, and custom designed gift baskets all in one delightful package.

You don't need to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate the international collection of fine wines available at Sun Singer. With over 1100 selections in stock, you can choose wines of  all major varietals and some lesser known grapes from nearly every wine producing region in the world. We love wine and we're excited to help you discover the pleasures of wine regardless of your taste or budget. Sun Singer hosts a weekly Sensational Saturday Wine Event from 12noon until 4:00pm. Each Saturday we highlight a different grape, region or theme to help everyone better understand and enjoy the mysteries of wine. Keep an eye on our Events page to be informed of upcoming seminars and tasting or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for by-the-minute notification. It's a fact that for a small fee, we'll open any bottle you select for your enjoyment in the Wine Bar Cafe.

Choose from over 700 carefully selected Spirits of every variety and for every taste. Our Spirits Department has been created to provide a broad range of choice with the ability to keep pace with ever changing tastes and the multitude of varieties and brands that continuously fill the market. Scotch, Bourbon and Vodka currently comprise a large portion of our product base and reflecting current market trends. You will also appreciate our generous selections of Rum, Tequila, Brandies and Cognacs and specialty liqueurs.

They say the the road to fine wine is paved with beer bottles. We at Sun Singer take our beer very seriously, but not withstanding the rowdy good nature associated with this beverage. The craft brew industry continues to explode  and we can all revel in this continuing celebration. Sun Singer's Beer Department overflows with 500 varieties of beer in all styles and from all over the globe.  Whether you are looking for ever present domestic, world-known icons or up-and-coming craft brews, our shelves are stocked for your delight. We do our very best to keep up-to-date with season and style and Sun Singer offers a range of formats from 11.2 ounce to 750ml sizes. BTW, any of our single bottles are available for your drinking pleasure in our Wine Bar Cafe.

How can Sun Singer be even more fun than it is? Add an ever changing selection of  hand-picked gifts with something tucked in every corner of the store. That's how!  Sun Singer is truly an Adult Candy Store and that includes our Gift Department as well. With the wine lover always in mind, we fill our shelves with everything that compliments the wine lifestyle - from glassware to wine aerators, bottle stoppers to wine tooth wipes - yes, wine tooth wipes! If you are looking for a gift for the novice or the connoisseur, you don't need to look any further. Sun Singer offers wine journals, decanters, wine preservation systems, bottle cozies. Fun items, serious items and some seriously off-beat selections! From cheese knives to sassy tea towels and aprons, we have what it takes to tease and please your friends!

If you want a gift they'll remember, then choose a custom designed gift basket from Sun Singer Wines!  Each basket is hand-styled to your personal specifications. With an abundant variety of product selections, the gift combinations are endless. Personally select the individual contents for your basket or name a budget and theme and we'll do the rest. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, tailgate, housewarming or holiday, your gift basket selection is sure to charm and ingratiate the recipient. On the run? Sun Singer keeps a bevy of pre-made gift baskets themed, ready and waiting for the taking!

More Gift Basket information available here