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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Sensational Saturday Tasting

Post Meleagris Wine Tasting!

Explore the world of wines with Sun Singer
every Saturday 12noon - 4:00 p.m.

Each Saturday we highlight a different grape, region or theme to help everyone better understand and enjoy the mysteries of wine. We invite you to come this and every Saturday from noon until 4pm to sample.


Wines to be tasted!

Campania, Italy $33.99
Fruit of the white vinification of Aglianico, it brings to light an ancient family project that emphasizes the great versatility of this noble and ancient vine. Neroametà, with a fresh and floral flavor, is a tribute to the varietal origin of the black Aglianico grape, which expresses itself with persuasive elegance when vinified in white. It is also a tribute to the territorial and cultural origins, to the harmonies and contrasts of the Campanian land.

Piedmont, Italy $16.99
Ruby red in color; on the nose, it has a red fruit notes and an intense bouquet that brings out the cherry in particular; on the palate, it is full bodied and dry with good structure. It’s a modern wine, easy drinking and suitable to accompany a multitude of dishes.

PEREZ CRUZ Cabernet Pircas de Liguai 2012
Maipo Valley, Chile $39.99
The wine has the light and the brightness, balsamic and very classical Maipo characteristics. You'd never mistake this for a Bordeaux, but it has the seriousness of the tannins that made Bordeaux famous. Aromas of blackcurrants, burnt orange and berry character. Medium to full body, velvety tannins and a savory finish.

Prosecco, Italy $13.99
Sharp golden straw color with bubbles that are finely textured and persistent. The nose shows fresh citrus with slight hints of honey and fresh flowers. Vibrant on the palate, the crisp acidity acts as a counterpoint to the flavors of ripe citrus, fresh peaches, lemon, green apples and grapefruit. The finish is light, refreshing, and crisp.

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