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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Sensational Saturday Tasting

Affordably Delicious Wine Tasting!

Saturday Wine Tasting Explore the world of wines with Sun Singer
every Saturday 12noon - 4:00 p.m.

Each Saturday we highlight a different grape, region or theme to help everyone better understand and enjoy the mysteries of wine. We invite you to come this and every Saturday from noon until 4pm to sample.


Wines to be tasted!

AVELEDA Vinho Verde 2017
Vinho Verde, Portugal $11.99
Fresh hints of orange peel, enveloped in a desirable and sophisticated whole, stand out in this immensely elegant wine.

ELENA WALCH Gewurztraminer 2017
Alto Adige, Italy $20.99
Our Gewürztraminer, with its typical dry Alto Adige charm and personality, gleams in intense straw yellow with hints of gold reflections. Classic Gewürztraminer notes are mirrored in the bouquet – intensively aromatic notes of rose petals, flowers and spices. The wine presents itself rich in finesse on the palate, with fresh fullness, harmonic elegance and a long finish

SHOOTING STAR Zinfandel 2015
Mendocino, California $11.99
Showing loads of jar-jam character, the rich and enticing 2015 Jed Steele's Shooting Star Zinfandel shows up big time on the palate. The wine's ever-flowing berry flavors pair it nicely with a spicy crispy-skin pork chop. 

Lake County, California $10.99
This sinfully delicious blend is amazingly balanced with lively cherry and dark berry notes, cloaked in dark chocolate tannins.  A clean acidity runs through the finish.  A single glass is not possible. The blend consists mainly of Cabernet Franc (~40%), Syrah (~20%), Zinfandel (~10%), Pinot Noir (~10%) with the remaining 20% consisting of various varietals. 

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