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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Sensational Saturday Tasting

La Vie En Rose...Wine Tasting!

Saturday Wine Tasting Explore the world of wines with Sun Singer
every Saturday 12noon - 4:00 p.m.

This will be the hottest year yet for Rosé. We want to make sure you're up to speed!

Each Saturday we highlight a different grape, region or theme to help everyone better understand and enjoy the mysteries of wine. We invite you to come this and every Saturday from noon until 4pm to sample.


Wines to be tasted!

  • ARNALDO CAPRAI Grecante 2015
  • ANTIGAL Uno Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
  • THE CRUSHER Petite Sirah 2014
  • DOW'S Fine Tawney Porto

LA SPINETTA Il Rosé di Casanova 2017
Tuscany, Italy $20.99
Equal parts Sangiovese and Prugnolo. Gentile. Light Bodied, dry, medium-high acidity, moderate intensity, medium finish with bursts of red fruit and citrus raspberry, cranberry, and black cherry. A summer sipper to enjoy at the dinner table or while watching a late sunset from the deck.

AXEL des VIGNES Rosé 2017
Bordeaux, France $11.99
Dark pink color, very fruit forward with floral, berry and citrus aromas.  Drier than the usual Rosé and all the better for it. Merlot, Cab Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon blend. Juicy with a mouthwatering finish.

CAMPUGET Rosé 2017
Costieres de Nimes, France $11.99
With its bright pink color, this rose wine spells pleasure and easy drinking. Fine scents of red berries add to overall enjoyment and make it the perfect accompaniment to picnics, barbecues and refreshing salads.

DOMAINE de la SOLITUDE Rosé 2017
Cotes du Rhone, France $14.99
Fresh and lively, with notes of red cherry, watermelon, and ripe strawberry. This would be perfect with your next brunch and crab benedict.

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