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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Step into the Sun at Sun Singer Wine & Spirits!


Touched by the Mediterranean and combining the concepts of Retail, Wine Bar Café & Gourmet Deli, Sun Singer is dedicated to being Champaign-Urbana's foremost Wine Emporium.  While boasting a retail collection of over 1100 fine wines, 700 spirits and 500 import and craft beers, Sun Singer is truly  about people and has become a neighborhood institution known for friendly, attentive service and an atmosphere that leaves you smiling with the cares of the world suspended if only for awhile.

At Sun Singer, you can catch up with friends for a drink, have a light meal, select from an abundant array of international and domestic cheeses and other gourmet options, choose a wine for tonight's dinner or find a gift...and a card for the discriminating wine lover in your life.  More than likely you'll see someone you know enjoying the convenience and casual atmosphere that Sun Singer offers, be it on the way to a show, a sporting event or just stopping by after work for a baguette and the perfect wine for tonight's table. Refresh, refuel and experience what everyone is talking about at Sun Singer Wine & Spirits.

Here you can read about the Sun Singer itself.