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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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May 26, 2018

April 16 - 21st, 4pm Daily
Reservations Suggested
More information here



Italian Wedding | Beef Chili | Potato & Bacon



after 4pm

Pesto Quiche
a savory egg & cream custard with pesto,
sundried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

Oyster Po'boy
flash fried oysters, house-made Old Bay mayonnaise,
shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, toasted hoagie roll

Flash Fried Oysters
a dozen flash fried oysters, seasoned flour,
house cocktail sauce, lemon wedge, hot sauce, saltines

Prime Rib of Beef
10 oz. prime rib with hearty, house demi-glace,
horseradish sauce, truffle mashed potato, daily vegetable


Carrot Cake
gluten free carrot cake, caramel sauce

Blackberry Merlot Cobbler
vanilla ice cream


Social Sun Singer

About the Sun Singer

park parkThe Robert Allerton Park is a 1,517-acre (6.0 km) park, nature center, and conference center located near M onticello, Illinois on the upper Sangamon River. The park and manor house were laid out and built by
ndustrialist Robert Allerton, who gave the complex to the University of Illinois in 1946. The Allerton Natural Area within the park is a National Natural Landmark. As of 2007, the park was used by approximately 100,000 visitors per year.The sculpture walk at Allerton concludes with The Sun Singer, an Art Moderne bronze of the Greek God Apollo sculpted by Carl Milles in 1929, one of more than 100 sculptures on the grounds. The Sun Singer underwent a $39,000 restoration in June-July 2007 to remove vandal graffiti and restore the patina of the 16 feet
(5 m), 2300 lb (1045 kg) sculpture.

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